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Wedding General

Whether our art, or our adversary?
"I earned the right to say what I think," confesses the father of Russian democracy, declared on broadcasting "Echo of Moscow". In other words, I stole "under the law" is enough to feel independent of the government, but not so much to be afraid of thunder in the flophouse. As you can see, without the usual "as if". But others "would have won their freedom". People can even "Like to claim that their right as they would defend" and be comforted by it.
 "Former Ministers do not happen!" - wipes tears of joy, the young lead, firmly learned in twenty years of democratization the idea E. Albats that talented only what sells well. Because voluptuous willing to kiss the ass of the eminent guest. . The boy should not be taught:

Here's what you proud!
I would ask, as did the fathers?
Learned senior looking:
We, for example, or dead uncle...
Not so good still we prepare a market shift. Representatives of the second oldest profession, it would be nice to learn the rule of the brothels to the first oldest profession flourished under the tricolor flag of tsarist Russia – no worries for the client.
Perhaps, however, that leading is pleased to participate in the wedding with the General. Strange people: pray for US, and the habits of American journalists are in no hurry to learn. It is hard to imagine an American leader, sparing the feelings of a statesman. It is assumed that persons who hold or have held governmental posts, you have to answer all the questions. Including unpleasant. Therefore, the interviewee is difficult to expect saying "thank You for this question!" (And even more grateful for the question that had not dared to ask).
One autocratic family became famous because, despite all upheavals, have forgotten nothing and learned nothing. The thieving leaders of our time, by contrast, has forgotten everything that happened in the 90s and don't remember anything new. But the most fascinating questions to refresh the memory of the guests to the liberal national educated boys and girls do not ask.
For example, for what reforms? Narodishko is dying so hard that soon no one will benefit. And when some last rest, helpful kids with EM will be accepted to prove that the Russians were doomed to extinction.
Or, contrary to expectation, the reforms then carried out, so we finally periority? After Bolivar can not carry double. So what can you expect, to a poor stallion passed the population of Russia. More precisely, a stallion, and can survive, but can not withstand the human (rather, the inhuman greed) of modern masters.

Pyrkov Eugene

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